Friday, February 25, 2011

Rock On

You may be wondering about the photo in this blog header - what's with the rocks.?  Those rocks are in one of my favorite places in the world - a little cove in Acadia National Park called Hunter's Beach:

In addition to being beautiful, it's incredibly serene, because as the waves move over the beach full of those dinosaur-egg-shaped pieces of granite, they clink against each other.  It's a lovely accent to the sound of the surf.  My kids love this beach; they've spent hours playing with the rocks, stacking them up, tossing them back out into the waves.  Those rocks represent peace and safety to me, and that's why they're up there in the header.

When I'm officially declared cancer free, I'm going to Hunter's Beach.  I have a "touchstone" - a small rock that I picked up in the Healing Garden at MGH (don't worry, I'm not dismantling the garden; the touchstones are there for patients to take).  It fits perfectly in my hand, and I keep it in my coat pocket, so that I can hold on to it every morning as I walk to treatments.  At the end of this journey, I will take the touchstone with me to Maine, and I'll throw it into the ocean. 

And with it, my worries will be washed out to sea.

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  1. Hi, Beth - I'm back from Africa, and finally catching up with your blog. It's wonderful. You are so generous to be sharing all this while you are going through it. Thank you for being who you are. Love, Judy